Assessing your website

Just as we must maintain an understanding of consumer trends and adapt marketing to suit, this must also be reflected across ones website. If a focus on brand heritage is trending, rather than placing specificity of products and offerings at the forefront, you may be better inclined to firstly showcase your brand story and hero imagery. Whatever you choose to focus your current marketing on, be sure that when a customer arrives at your website, what they immediately see directly matches the unique branding and product offerings they are simultaneously seeing across your social and print media. We want them to know they've arrived at the right place!


Once they've arrived at your beautiful website, usability, content and navigation are of the utmost importance for the customer journey to translate to ROI. In fact, the usability design of your website has the same impact on customer conversion as product offerings do. Here are some of my tips to ensure your website has impact and is user-friendly:

  • Clear Messages and meaning

  • Clean, simple and easily navigated design

  • Beautiful quality imagery that tells a story / Steer clear of having too much text or being 'copy heavy'

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • Optimised response times for fast loading of content

  • Working links, contact pages and subscriptions

  • Social Media connectivity and incorporation

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